Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Place at the Table

A Place at the Table: Creativity in Food & Togetherness
January 18-19, 2013
Old Town Rock Hill, SC
Friday Arts Project presents a 2-day forum focusing community, goodness and the mysterious bond that occurs around the table. 


Molly O'Neill, Former food columnist for the New York Times Magazine and author of "One Big Table."

 Peter Reinhart, Master bread baker, theologian and Chef on Assignment at Johnson & Wales

Dan "The Pig Man" Huntley, Barbecue Provocateur & Author of "Extreme Barbecue: Smokin' Rigs and 100 Real Good Recipes"

Tom Hanchett, Historian at the Levine Museum of the New South 

"The Man Who Ate New Orleans" a film by Michael Dunaway



FRI, JAN 18 - Gettys Art Center, 201 East Main Street

4:30-7:30 PM      
  • Public reception for "Coming Home," an exhibition of photographs by Cameron Bunce
  • Check-in & registration for forum participants at Friday Arts Project Studio
  • Dinner at Old Town Restaurants (on your own)

7:30 PM:  Forum Opening & Welcome

SAT, JAN 19 - Gettys Art Center, 201 East Main Street

9 AM: Breakfast included
10 AM: Morning Session
  • Peter Reinhart
  • Tom Hanchett "Food From Home" - Lecture & Discussion

NOON: Lunch at Old Town Market included
  • Meet & Greet with local farmers 

2 PM: Afternoon Session - Gettys Art Center
  • Curated Discussion with Molly O'Neill

3:30 PM: Afternoon Break 


5 PM: CookNScribble presents the LongHouse Food Revival 
  • Pop-Up Magazine & Dinner with Molly O'Neill - Center for the Arts, 121 East Main Street
  • Dinner with Dan "The Pig Man" Huntley & special guests

Register at fridayartsproject.org
Email stephen@fridayartsproject.org with questions

Friday, September 14, 2012

Drawing Sessions

Here are some glimpses of our Monday evening drawing sessions:

Photos © 2012 Sara McAllister

Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Space | Visit from Fujimura

Friday Arts Project space at Gettys Art Center
After our Forum on Beauty, it was time to say goodbye to Space 157. The new home of Friday Arts Project is at the Gettys Art Center on Main Street in Rock Hill. Hill City Church and the Arts Council of York County have graciously provided the space. We have an intimate, sun-filled room with a reading nook, a small art & poetry library and room to work on art or relax in conversation.

Our Reading Nook
We had the honor of enjoying a visit from Makoto Fujimura, founder of International Arts Movement, of which we are a local chapter. Mako has been an encouragement to our group for years, and it was wonderful to have him see our studios and comment on what we're up to here.

Makoto Fujimura in the studio of Dominique Verechia & Carlee Lingerfelt
Mako trying out his new bow-tie from the Cordial Churchman

Photos © 2012 Aaron Rich

Monday, January 30, 2012

Forum on Beauty (with audio)

Art has a way of creating space. Whether you look at a sculpture, a painting, read a poem—whatever—you gain space to think more deeply about life.

Creativity creates space. From January 27th to the 29th we collaborated with Bird and Key to present a “Forum on Beauty.” We created a space to discuss the breadth and depth of Beauty—its importance, its source, and its various expressions. Friday night was a public concert night where we heard from the band Elonzo, and singer-songwriter, Jeremy Casella. All day Saturday we took in presentations and performances from an assortment of artists and critics. And finally on Sunday, a group of us visited the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art in Uptown Charlotte, NC to take in and talk about the art we saw.

Casey Mink Performance at Space 157
Mary Johnson, a participant, said this:
“I have to say again… what a fine weekend discussing beauty and the arts with such a stellar group of participants and contributors!  Wow. Luke Allsbrook, Casey Mink and Joseph Henderson’s talents were considerable and inspiring. Kirk, Sarah and the Friday Arts group did an amazing job of gifting all of us who came with an opportunity to be stretched and challenged in our own efforts to bring beauty, truth and goodness through our art to a broken world. I was so glad I came.”
Luke Allsbrook
Family Meal at Erin's Restaurant
Visit to Bechtler Museum of Modern Art


Joseph Henderson, Ph.D candidate in 19th & 20th Century American Literature and Theoretical Constructs at University at Albany, SUNY.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Beneath the Surface: Forum on Beauty

Friday Arts Project & Bird and Key present a weekend-long gathering dedicated to an exploration of Beauty. Special guest Kirk Irwin returns to Rock Hill to moderate several engagements with artists, musicians, writers and participants. Participants will have opportunities to experience various works in an arts salon format and engage with artists through interviews and dialogue. The weekend will be spent at Friday Arts Project's Space 157, other locations in Old Town Rock Hill and in Charlotte at the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art.

Kirk Irwin giving his lecture "On Beauty" at Space 157 in 2011

Speakers & Performers:

Kirk Irwin, Theologian & Arts Advocate

Jeremy Casella, Singer-songwriter and producer

Elonzo, Band

Luke Allsbrook, Painter

Casey Mink, Violinist

Joseph Henderson, Writer & Winthrop M.A. Candidate

Artists of Space 157



4-6 PM Check-in & welcome at Space 157 (157 East Main, 2nd Floor)

6 PM Dinner at Old Town Restaurants (on your own)

8 PM Forum Opening: Jeremy Casella & Elonzo in concert at the Courtroom at Gettys


9 AM Coffee & Pastries at Space 157 (included)

10 AM Morning Session: Luke Allsbrook, painter | Casey Mink, violinist

NOON Lunch (Included)

2 PM Afternoon Session: Arts Salon & Writer Joseph Henderson presenting

"Large and Startling Figures: The Shock of Mystery in Barry Hannah, Annie Dillard, and Cormac McCarthy"

5 PM Cocktail Hour (Guests are encouraged to patronize our downstairs neighbors at The Vault)

6 PM Family-Style Dinner at Erin's Restaurant (Included in registration)

7 PM Keynote & Discussion with Kirk Irwin


2 PM Bechtler Museum of Modern Art Visit | Closing remarks



Entire Event (includes admission to Bechtler Museum):

Regular: $50, Student: $35

Sans Museum visit:

Regular: $40, Student: $25


A lot of volunteer work has gone into this event, so if you’re interested in giving more, give $100 and we will include a special art gift from Friday Arts Project artists!

*includes Saturday meals: light breakfast, lunch, dinner

We accept cash or check. Make checks payable to Friday Arts Project, and send to: Stephen Crotts, 616 Cedar St., Rock Hill, SC 29730. Payment Deadline: (postmark by) January 20, 2012. Contact Stephen Crotts at scrotts86@gmail.com for further details.


Support for this project is provided by the Arts Council of York County Small Grants Program, which receives funding from the Rock Hill A-Tax/Tourism Commission, the John and Susan Bennett Memorial Arts Fund of the Coastal Community Foundation of SC, the SC Arts Commission, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Sponsored in part by:
Jim & Poco Olson, Rock Hill Bike Shop, RUF at Winthrop, Hill City Church, Plumbline Communications

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gallery Up Interviews Dominique Verechia

Check out this Q & A with Space 157 member Dominique Verechia from Gallery Up.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Portrait Group Profile: Matt Andrews

For two years, Friday Arts Project has been hosting a weekly portrait drawing session in Old Town Rock Hill. In addition to Space 157 studio members, a regular group of local artists have joined us for our Monday night ritual. Matt Andrews, a Winthrop University student, produces brilliant pieces week after week. Here are some of his 2-hour portraits and thoughts.

F.A.P. Matt, tell us about yourself

M.A. I'm a senior at Winthrop University studying illustration. My ultimate career goal is to become a concept artist for the video game industry. I've always loved the idea of using my artistic ability to entertain someone, and video games, when done correctly, can be incredibly beautiful, innovative, and artistic collaborative efforts of mass entertainment. I have been developing a style that is realistic enough to be believable, but imaginative enough to be worthy of the "concept artist" title.

F.A.P. What is the drawing group experience like for you?

M.A. The drawing group experience initially was very different from what I'm used to. Typically, drawing and illustration is something I've done for hours and hours alone in room or studio. I could spend 30+ hours on a project without talking to or seeing another human being. The drawing group, however, is a social, relatively quick session that allows me to get out and still do what I love doing: drawing. It promotes speed of workflow and socializing/meeting new people.

F.A.P. Tell us a bit about your process

M.A. Though I spent most of my life drawing on paper, I have, in the past few years, been focusing on digital painting as my primary technique. I am both a computer geek and an artist, so the digital medium is the perfect fit for me. I fell in love with the idea of digital painting in high school and never looked back. Not that I've abandoned traditional media or anything, I just love the speed, convenience, and experimental qualities of working digitally. The program I use primarily, after setting up my laptop and tablet, is a little piece of Japanese software called Easy Paint Tool SAI. It's basically a streamlined, highly intuitive version of Photoshop made specifically for painting and drawing as opposed to photo alteration.

I approach the portraits in software the same way I would start an oil painting. I prime the "canvas" with a base color that often coincides with what the model is wearing or complements their skin tones. I then just start blocking in colors and match shapes and proportions as I go. Even though I'm a draftsman at heart, I don't start with a sketch at all. I just jump right in with colors and it's a lot of fun.

M.A. Since I started going to the Monday portrait nights, I've gotten faster and more confident with my work. It has helped me improve and is a fun way to get out while honing my skills further.