Saturday, February 9, 2008

Ex Morte Vita

In February 2007, we held our first themed exhibition. Ex Morte Vita means Life from Death. We collaboratively explored ideas of redemption and rebirth for 3 weeks before opening our show to the public. We were elated by the audience (at least 250 people...) For us, it was a milestone. In a short time, with limited resources, we were able to pull together a show with about 30 pieces. Also, we were able to create a common space where artists and non-artists, skeptics and believers could interact and have dialogue about goodness, truth, and beauty.

This is where most everything we do starts - around coffee.
Poster designed by Brandon & Stephen.

Jared sketching for his piece.

Coffee & Crayons - which became an all nighter getting ready for the show.

Matt has been our distant supporter and mentor from the start. He and his sister drove up all the way from Florida to help and see the show.

The Loading Dock Gallery - folks busy hanging the exhibition

Some of our crowd of 250 + (photo by Megan Parker)

Katie playing for the crowd (photo by Megan Parker)

Adam Bomb (Jake Page)

When the Sea Shall Give Up Her Dead (Stephen)

Nothingness Was My Very Food (Courtney and Brandon)

(photo by Megan Parker)

The Artists of Ex Morte Vita

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