Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What is Studio?

What is it like to work in the real world?
Wrong question. The real world does not exist.
Or rather, the real world is none other than this one, so stop waiting to get ready for the next time when you figure it all out. Ready? Set. Go!

This week we'll visit a local painter in her studio and you'll be able to see what it looks like to not go to class, not have critiques, not have those pesky instructors always nagging you to do your homework. Are you ready to work for yourself?

Next week we'll talk about one of the most potentially catastrophic questions in our field: "What is Art?" There are plenty of resources to base opinions on, but what do you think? Does the institution make it "Art?" Can anything be "Art?" Is there art, and then Art?

1 comment:

Jared said...

oh man i miss that place. *sigh*

i hate the question "what is art." unless your into problems that have no solution.

my current food-for-thought answer, though, since you asked:

"any means of communication"


does it communicate? then it's art.

i reserve the right to change my mind later if i want.

miss all y'all, come and visit soon.