Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Save the Date: IAM Encounter 10

A group of artists, poets, and scholars at IAM Encounter. Photo by Cameron Bunce

Join us the first weekend of March as we travel to New York City for the annual International Arts Movement Encounter. This will be our fourth year participating, and we hope many will come along! With a well-considered lineup of speakers, workshops, performances and interactive spaces each year, the IAM Encounter is always a memorable and valuable experience.

From March 4-6, 2010, with spring budding in New York City, our movement will gather at the prestigious Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, a place that has housed weighty ideas, thinkers and movements for 150 years.

The Great Hall at Cooper Union

When not gathered there, we take to the streets. Carefully selected coffee shops, restaurants, galleries, museums, and clubs will serve as creative zones for engagement. In partnership with The Curator, Encounter 10 will move out into the cultural hub that is New York City to encounter one another and explore, discover and enjoy the innumerable cultural artifacts that ae already part of the world that ought to be. For one weekend, our movement will come together from the four corners of the world to reconnect with old friends and build new relationships that spur each of us to pursue our vocation more fully.

Hear more about Encounter 10 HERE.

NEWS: We are thankful and excited to now be listed among IAM's regional groups!


Daniel said...

oh man, cooper union...that's awesome

Cameron Bunce said...

I'm pretty excited to have the ability to sit in a place that is recorded in etchings.

Dana M. said...

It was a magnificent time. Hope to see you all there next March!